Steve King - Editorial and design projects

I'm a technologist who enjoys textual and visual content creation.
Please see for my web development examples.

Original writing, white papers, articles, reports, collateral:

Annual reports:

Published papers on enterprise IT, security and networking topics:


Technology thought leadership content for product
    development and marketing projects:

Cisco IBC Broadcast Conference - web promotion, video, literature, trade conference booth
  • Worked with senior Cisco product managers to create positioning, messaging
  • Created short copy for signage and branding of booth
  • Produced content for collateral, data sheets, presentations,
  • Wrote video script; worked with art director on story boards
  • Created online email promotion content strategy

Brochure sample

Cisco Real Broadband - online knowledge-site and DVD
  • Produced content, messaging and site organization
  • Created vertical market versions of content
  • Worked with art director to produce supporting DVD
  • Wrote script for DVD

Storyboard sample 1

Storyboard sample 2

Microsoft-HP - joint global integrated marketing program
  • Designed front-end research study (Roper/NOP)
  • Created advertorial content working with product managers
  • Managed microsite content creation
  • Managed banner ads and online promotion work
  • Created content for opt-in participants

Advertorial sample (1 of 4)

Intel - knowledge leadership campaign
  • Worked with Intel executives on campaign content and positioning
  • Interviewed top engineers and product managers
  • Supervised production of creative for InfoWeek and microsite
  • Content covered distributed computing, CRM, SCM, ERP and BI
Intel-InfoWeek insert
Intel messaging hierarchy - guide for marketing, sales and channel
  • Worked with Intel executives to standardized messaging
  • Wrote 100 page internal message hierarchy doc
  • Customized messaging for various vertical markets
  • Created messaging scenarios for specific products and business units
Remoba wireless services - collateral, messaging, identity
  • Created B2B launch content
  • Organized and refined key messaging
  • Wrote collateral / data sheets
  • Short copy, taglines, typography, layout
MCI managed data center services - integrated campaign
  • Worked with MCI executives to VP level on positioning
  • Wrote long and short copy for print advertisements
  • Created print/web/event campaign
  • Chose keynote speakers (Gartner, Meta, Yankee)
  • Created event promotion and telemarketing scripts
  • Wrote advertorial and microsite content

Print advertising unit 1 - CIO Magazine
Print advertising unit 2 - CIO Magazine

Soho Telecom - e-commerce site
  • Created the web architecture for this B2B ecommerce site
  • Commissioned and edited web content
  • Managed online ad campaigns
  • Supervised search optimization and placement
  • Brand identity, logos, typography, color palette
  • Wrote short copy for web site and branding
Wilson Miller marketing agency - custom marketing research and analysis
  • Wrote backgrounders for this agency's pitch process
  • Researched Dell, Verisign, Sonus, Omnetica, etc
  • Created insights into competitive landscape
  • Provided messaging and positioning strategies
  • Researched market segmentation and demographics
Gateway Computers - IT makeover contest for SMBs
  • Created online contest for small businesses
  • Designed web presence for contest
  • Designed series of editorial marketing advertorials
  • Print-to-web promotions and advertising
Teleconnect International - B2B and B2C calling cards
  • Created product/company visual identity, branding, naming
  • Designed print and online advertising/media program
  • Viral promotions using ethnic groups and demographics
  • Contests, demand generation, scratch-and-win campaigns
  • Produced incentives, offers, collateral for dealer channel
  • Style guide
First Telecom - full range of online marketing and promotions
  • Managed creation of large B2B and B2C ecommerce site
  • Developed online pricing tools and interactive content
  • Designed in house banner ads and advertising
  • Email campaigns, contests, sweepstakes
  • Opt-in newsletters, forums, CRM
  • Viral program to accelerate word of mouth business
  • Online style guide
Various multimedia tools and tutorials
( See web section below for more samples)
  • Staples online decision tool
  • Telematic Java game tutorial
  • Various JavaScript pricing and purchase assistant tools
  • Produced videos for commercial and artistic venues
  • Numerous streaming video projects
Event management and editorial promotion campaigns
  • The New SNA conference, NYC - brochure, adverts, direct mail
  • MCI executive conference - speaker management, telemarketing scripts, microsite
  • First Telecom B2B customer seminars - print ads, direct mail, affinity marketing
  • Editorial marketing: Designed in-depth campaigns for these vendors: IBM, Sun, Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, AMD, NetIQ

Web sites and online campaigns

Hands-on site design, full-stack architectures, content development, multimedia production, responsive html,
social media engagement, online advertising and promotions, etc.

Note: The following screens include high-budget, low-budget and testbed sites.
( You decide which is which : )

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